The 3×1 Channel Seam Skinny Jeans Review

Jeans were once relegated to weekend causal wear, but now they are a true versatile staple in most people’s wardrobes. Nowadays, jeans are appropriate any time of day, with any style, and with any accessory. Even better, jeans are suitable for any body type.

At 3×1 designer jeans for women and created for comfort and style. These are high quality jeans that are made on site at designer Scott Morrison’s store in the Soho district of New York City. All jeans are hand stitched with care and attention to detail. The end result speaks for itself, with high quality jeans making people look and feel great around the world on a daily basis.


The Channel Seam Skinny Jeans have that exact effect. These jeans are cool and casual while have a sporty look to them. This means that they can be teamed up with any type of shoes, from ankle boots to ballet flats, and even running shoes. Because of the skinny and slender fit, they don’t look off-putting with sports shoes at all.

A bit of extra character is added to these jeans with a white panel inner seam near the ankles. This is typically hidden but occasionally pokes out when you step at the right angle to mix things up a bit. They are the type of jeans that pull of the panel look flawlessly.


In terms of comfort, the Channel Seam Skinny Jeans tick all the boxes. They have a mid rise which hits just high enough to ultimate levels of satisfaction. The denim is soft and stretchy so that you don’t feel confined in these jeans. They are made up of 92.5% cotton, 5% polyester, and 2.5% spandex. This combination means that they have a good amount of stretch, but not too much so that the fabric becomes loose hanging. They are comfortable enough to be worn day after day without any worry on your part and without the jeans losing their form.

In terms of sizing, Scott Morrison tends to always get the fit right. With over a decade’s experience in the industry, he has perfected the art of making cute jeans that fit well. Therefore, the Channel Seam Skinny Jeans run very true to size.

These are the type of jeans that will make anyone an instant fan of 3×1. For good quality, comfortable, and ethically manufactured jeans, it is hard to pass up a chance to try on jeans from 3×1. The Channel Seam Skinny Jeans will undoubtedly become a staple in your wardrobe and go to with any season’s style.